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Slots, Cops, and Deception

15 June 2005

JAPAN -- As reported by the Japan Times: "The Japanese have been kicking around the idea of building American-style casinos in Japan for four years now.

"The Parliament Committee on Casinos with 100 Diet members has been gathering information on casinos, and Tokyo Gov. Shintaro Ishihara has been a major proponent of the idea. In fact, 22 prefectures have already signed up to build Las Vegas-style casinos given the chance.

" It makes sense for Japan to get into the casino business. It is already the world's largest producer of slot machines, and having casinos would bring more foreign tourists to Japan and improve prefectural finances.

" With the legalization of gambling in the United States, Macao, Singapore and elsewhere, governments have been able to eliminate criminal elements and corruption from the industry and capture the revenue for the public good while turning gambling into a safe and profitable form of public entertainment.

"...the Japanese are the largest gamblers in the world. In Japan, the pachinko industry accounts for nearly $300 billion of this global gambling revenue.

"...the pachinko business in Japan is five times larger than the gambling industry in the entire United States and 10 times larger than Las Vegas gambling revenue..."

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