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SkillGround's ToCA Race Driver 3

4 September 2008

The two characteristics that most online gamers are looking for are realistic graphics and a stern challenge. If that's the case for you – and you'd like to test your skills with a free download in a format where real money is on the line – then SkillGround's ToCA Race Driver 3 is the game for you.

First things first: You do not have to be an auto racing fan to enjoy this game. Secondly, this is not your average run-of-the-mill race car driving game. It's much more than simply stepping on the gas and steering your vehicle around the track.

Thanks to superb graphics and a learning curve that will take you more than a few races to adjust to, ToCA Race Driver 3 is an entertaining challenge that fires up your competitive juices enough that you want to come back for more and more as you improve your skills. This exact same description could be used for the UTour golf game, which, by no coincidence, is also a product of SkillGround.

Before getting started, it is advisable to take some time and play the tutorial. It takes some time to get used to making corners at just the right speed and learning the tricks of getting behind an opposing car to cut down on head winds. Once you think you're ready for action, you should try to the practice mode for a few laps. You have a choice of 11 cars to choose from (our favorite is the Corvette Sunray that goes from 0 to 100 KMH in 4.5 seconds) and 11 different tracks. Each track is well-known in the auto racing world and delivers its own unique challenges and scenery.

When you've finally got your game in gear, it's time to try real play and, once again, you have options. There are four play modes -- Live, Quick Play, Tournaments and Team Competition. Like UTour, this is a game that is difficult to master because of the amount of difficulty levels presented. There are three distinct levels of difficulty that are applied to both the race and the qualifying lap. They are Easy, Medium, and Hard settings. The level of difficulty for each race should be considered before accepting or joining any SkillGround event.

As you move upwards on the difficulty level you receive less and less lenience and tolerance. For instance, in the Easy mode your car won't suffer much damage and won't be affected by hitting the walls. But do it too much in the Hard setting and your car will suffer the consequences, just like in a real car race.

Bottom line: SkillGround continues its reputation for realism and posing a challenge, even to the most proficient video gamer.

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