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Ski on with Ski Bunny

7 January 2010

It is prime time for skiing, with the temperatures dropping and loads of snow falling. Before you hit the slopes, head to Golden Tiger Casino and play its "Ski Bunny" slot game.

"Ski Bunny" is an extremely basic slot. It is a three-reel, one payline, and one coin slot machine. It does have the option of three paytables that are labeled "Blue Run," "Red Run" and "Black Run." The "Blue Run" payable has smaller payouts but is more likely to hit, while the "Black Run" has higher payouts but a smaller chance of hitting.

Despite the simplicity of the game, "Ski Bunny" does have a few unique features. One of these features is the "Win Spin Video Reels Game." It occurs after any win. The winning symbol combination on the regular slot game determines how many spins you are awarded for the "Win Spin Video Reels Game." The Win Spins are played on a separate three-reel and five payline slot machine. When the "Win Spin Video Reels Game" is complete, you are automatically returned to the regular slot game, and your Win Spin Video Reels Game winnings are added to your win total.

Another feature is the "Nudge" function, enables you to bump a reel to display the next symbol. "Nudges" are random and you can win up to four per spin. If you are awarded "nudges," the number of nudges awarded to you highlights, and the Nudge buttons activate. The Sneak Peak Arrows above the reels are then highlighted. Click the Sneak Peak Arrows to view the next two symbols on the reels. This helps you create winning symbol combinations. You then click the Nudge buttons to bump the reels.

There is also a "hold" feature. This feature is random and allows you to hold the position of one or more reels for the next spin. Any wins after this feature is activated are paid out normally.

"Ski Bunny" is a great example of a game that seems real basic on the outside, but has a few hidden gems once you begin to peel away. Ski on by Golden Tiger Casino and try it out.

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