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Singapore's CEOs Support Casinos

14 September 2004

SINGAPORE – As reported by the Singapore Strait Times: "Fifteen of 17 chief executives surveyed in Business Times poll support the idea. And they have suggestions to avoid potential social ills

"Some of Singapore's top CEOs have come out strongly in favour of opening a casino here, for a variety of reasons.

"Some say it is time to get creative and take some risks to maximise opportunities, while others pointed out that many Singaporeans already go elsewhere to gamble, and it makes sense to keep them here and reap the benefits rather than lose them to overseas operators.

"The responses to the idea of building a casino here were listed in a Business Times survey of 17 chief executives, including CapitaLand president and CEO Liew Mun Leong, BCS Information Systems chairman Wong Nang Jang and Pointworth Management CEO Dennis See. Of the 17, only two came out against the idea.

"…Intraco CEO Teng Theng Dar pointed out that a casino area need not be unsuitable for families, as Melbourne's Southbank area - where the Crown Casino is located - has shown.

"…The businessmen said the key is in striking a balance between the economic impact of a casino and the social responsibility…"

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