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Rushmore Casino's Let'em Ride

16 October 2008

Not everyone likes "Let It Ride."

At the World Series of Poker this summer, ESPN announcer Norm Chad told Casino City's Gary Trask that at some point, he had dated a blackjack dealer in Las Vegas. During the course of their relationship, the casino asked Chad's girlfriend to deal "Let It Ride," and that posed a serious problem for Chad. "I told her not to do it," Chad said. His girlfriend, choosing career over love, decided to deal the game. And that prompted Chad to break up with her. "I just couldn't date a 'Let It Ride" dealer, Chad said. "I just couldn't."

But for every Norman Chad, there are hundreds of people who enjoy the game. "Let It Ride" tables at casinos are almost always packed. So we decided to give Rushmore Casino's version of "Let It Ride" and see what all the hubbub is about.

Rushmore's "Let It Ride" game is actually called "Let'em Ride." The game begins by placing an ante bet and an optional progressive jackpot bet. Once the wagers are on the table, three cards are dealt to the player face up, and two are dealt face down. Players can then raise before the seeing the next card, or they can see it for free by clicking the continue button. After the fourth card is revealed, players once again have the option of raising, or seeing the fifth card for free. Players win with any poker hand that is a pair of tens or better, so the goal is to get the most amount of money in on a sure (or relatively sure thing).

Payouts are structured based on how good the winning hand is:

Royal Flush 1000:1
Straight Flush 200:1
Four of a kind 50:1
Full House 11:1
Flush 8:1
Straight 5:1
Three of a kind 3:1
Two pair 2:1
Pair (tens or better) 1:1

So take a few minutes to learn how to play "Let 'em Ride" at Rushmore Casino. The mindless entertainment (and who doesn't need a little mindless entertainment now then) it provides is well worth it.

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