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Report: Australian Casinos Leave Positive Economic Impact

30 August 2004

AUSTRALIA – As reported by the Austratia Age: "…The URS Casino Industry Economic Report released by the Australian Casino Association has found that in 2002/03 the casino industry - taking into account flow on effects - generated $8.6 billion (US$6.02 billion) in output.

"It also contributed $5.9 billion to Australia's GDP; provided $2.1 billion in household income; and employed 46,612 people, including part-timers.

"Australian Casino Association executive director Chris Downey said the economic impact results of the casino industry, in terms of contribution to Australia's GDP, was estimated by URS to be similar in size to that of the 2000 Olympics.

"…Visitor numbers were higher than the previous year with 1.5 million coming from overseas spending at least $550.4 million, while over 1,500 conferences at the nation's 13 casinos attracted over 252,000 delegates.

"…Australasian Gaming Machine Manufacturers Association chairman David Creary told the gaming expo that current over-regulation of the industry was risking some of the 250,000 jobs the sector creates - and $5 billion in revenue and taxes…"

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