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Red Lounge launches affiliate program

29 October 2007

LONDON, England -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- Red Lounge Casino, one of the most popular British online casinos, has recently launched a new Cantor Gaming affiliate programme. The programme offers very favorable terms, under which Red Lounge Casino affiliates receive 40% of the casino's net win.

The new programme is free to join. There are three main options available to would-be affiliates. The first option provides affiliates with the opportunity to receive 40% of the net win for the lifetime of each referred player. "Net win", according to the programme's regulations, stands for gross gaming win with deducted processing charges, free credits and charge backs. If an affiliate's account is in loss during any given month, the loss will be zeroed out at the end of the month and not carried forward to the next month.

The second available option is £ 75 CPA for each real-money player who wagers at least £ 2,500. This is also valid for Cantor Gaming affiliates who have registered when the CPA was £ 50 -- for them, the change will be effective starting on their next payment cycle.

The third option which the affiliate programme offers is co-branding with Red Lounge Casino. Co-branding tens to be more effective than traditional affiliate relationships because it improves conversions by making affiliation more evident. Players are directed to where they will see a co-branded home page. Affiliates may also choose to offer promotions specific for their audiences and players' preferences.

Irrespective of which of the three options they choose, affiliates may decide to switch from one payment model to another.

Those who already operate as register affiliates of the Cantor Gaming operated casinos can use their affiliate accounts and login details for any Cantor-gaming operated casinos, which will make it easier for register affiliates to join in the new scheme offered by Red Lounge Casino.

Payment to affiliates is sent by the 15th of the following calendar month along with a statement. In order to check account details, affiliates can simply log on to their accounts. Details are updated real-time to facilitate operation and affiliate reviews.

There is a great number of banners available, in both GIF and animated GIF formats, among which affiliates may choose the ones to place on their websites.

Red Lounge Casino was recently ranked #1 for "best payouts" by both Google and Yahoo and attracts a large number of UK and European customers with its games, graphics, and favorable promotions.

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