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Racing Cards at William Hill

30 December 2010

Blackjack and poker are fun games at the casino, but sometimes you want to gamble without having to think too hard. If that's the case, head to William Hill Vegas and try out "Racing Cards."

"Racing Cards" is a simple race game that uses 30 cards to determine a winner. The 30 cards are dealt face-down in six lanes. You can place bets underneath any of the six lanes. The cards are then revealed a row at a time, with the face value of each card being added to the meter directly beneath it. Face cards have a value of 10, and aces have a value of one. The lane with the highest meter total is the winner.

If somehow this game is too slow for you, there's a "turbo bet" option that speeds up the game by revealing all the cards instantly. You can also choose to "auto bet" to place the same bets for up to 10 consecutive games or "repeat bet" to replay your previous bet.

"Racing Cards" is exactly the type of game for people who love mindless gambling. Head to William Hill Vegas and place your bets.

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