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Poll: Public Turning Against Two California Measures

13 August 2004

SACRAMENTO, California – As reported by the San Diego Union-Tribune: "Public sentiment has turned sharply against two November ballot measures that would dramatically expand Nevada-style gambling in California, according to a new Field Poll.

"Support for both measures – Propositions 68 and 70 – has slipped into the low 30 percent range. That is a steep plunge from a similar survey done two months ago, although the number of undecided voters remains relatively high.

"…Proposition 68, which could give 30,000 slots to urban racetracks and card clubs, was supported by 30 percent of those surveyed, with 48 percent opposed and 22 percent undecided.

"Proposition 70, which would offer unlimited gambling to Indian casinos, fared slightly better, with 33 percent backing the measure, 40 percent opposed and 27 percent undecided.

"…Both initiatives attempt to tap into public support for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's call for tribes to start paying a fair share of their gambling wealth to the state.

"..Spokesmen for both initiatives said they were not discouraged by the results at this juncture, before either side has launched what could be the most expensive initiative campaign in U.S. history. The tribes, card clubs and racetracks already have put up more than $40 million for the fight…"

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