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Pennsylvania breaks record for online casino revenue

17 February 2021

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board reports show that the combined total revenue generated from all forms of gaming along with fantasy contests during January 2021 was $311,102,747, an increase of 2.73% compared to revenue generated in January 2020.

The Board is also reporting that revenue from Internet Casino Type Gaming of more than $80.4 million was the highest amount to date eclipsing the previous high set in December 2020 by 11% when revenue was $71,609,260.

Sources of gaming revenue regulated by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board include slot machines, table games, internet gaming, sports wagering, fantasy contests and VGTs. The Board has posted separate reports for these types of gaming on its website.

In its reporting of revenue for January, the Board notes that figures related to slot machine, table games and retail sports gambling in casinos along with Video Gaming Terminals encompassed just 28 days of the month. Casinos, however, continued to operator under various Covid-19 restrictions. Other internet-based games were operational for the full month of January.

The following chart compiles all revenue generated in January 2021 by casinos along with fantasy contests and video gaming terminals operated by other vendors and includes a comparison to total revenue generated last January.

Source/Jan 2021 Total Revenue/Jan 2020 Total Revenue/% Change

Parx Casino/$49,479,917/$57,504,202/-13.95%

Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course/$43,594,717/$21,439,975/103.33%

Valley Forge Casino Resort/$37,938,572/$21,686,544/74.94%

Rivers Casino Philadelphia/$36,804,910/$31,887,676/15.42%

Wind Creek Bethlehem/$26,312,638/$38,252,649/-31.21%

Rivers Casino Pittsburgh/$21,693,757/$34,510,647/-37.14%

Mount Airy Casino Resort/$20,431,479/$19,869,528/2.83%

The Meadows/$19,739,104/$20,966,333/-5.85%

Mohegan Sun Pocono/$15,545,065/$19,545,901/-20.47%

Harrah's Philadelphia/$15,434,388/$21,315,408/-27.59%

Presque Isle Downs & Casino/$6,927,709/$10,056,117/-31.11%

Live! Casino Pittsburgh/$6,138,994/--/n/a

Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia/$4,274,932/--/n/a

Fantasy Contests/$2,908,488/$2,064,773/40.86%

Video Gaming Terminals/$2,240,782/$1,115,218/100.93%

Lady Luck Casino - Nemacolin/$1,222,995/$2,629,390/-53.49%

Hollywood Casino Morgantown/$414,300/--/n/a

Statewide Total/$311,102,747/$302,844,362/2.73%

Total tax revenue generated collectively through all forms of gaming and fantasy contests was $127,117,920* during January 2021.

January Revenue by Game Type

The Board is also providing a synopsis of revenue year-over-year by types of games:

Type of Gaming Revenue/Jan 2021/Jan 2020/% Change

Retail Slots Revenue/$140,740,379/$190,311,646/-26.05%

iGaming Slot Revenue/$51,007,942/$7,192,192/609.21%

Retail Tables Revenue/$50,829,571/$72,553,994/-29.94%

Sports Wagering Revenue/$33,970,396/$22,841,192/48.72%

iGaming Tables Revenue/$26,679,590/$4,608,081/478.97%

Fantasy Contests Revenue/$2,908,488/$2,064,773/40.86%

iGaming Poker Revenue/$2,725,600/$2,157,266/26.35%

Video Gaming Terminals Revenue/$2,240,782/$1,115,218/100.93%

Total Gaming Revenue/$311,102,747/$302,844,362/2.73%

Slot Machine Revenue

January’s gross revenue from slot machines was $140,740,379, a 26.05% decrease in revenue when compared to the $190,311,646 generated in January 2020.

The number of slot machines in operation in January 2021 was 18,703 compared to 24,126 at the casinos in January 2020.

Slot machine revenue for each of the casinos, with the percentage change reflected over the previous year, is as follows.

Casino/Jan 2021 Slots Revenue/Jan 2020 Slots Revenue/% Change

Parx Casino/$28,243,323/$35,856,344/-21.23%

Wind Creek Bethlehem/$17,148,956/$19,980,835/-14.17%

Rivers Casino Pittsburgh/$14,983,880/$25,046,909/-40.18%

Hollywood Casino at Penn National/$12,728,998/$16,056,967/-20.73%

Mohegan Sun Pocono/$10,476,550/$15,841,638/-33.87%

Harrah's Philadelphia/$10,428,014/$16,152,459/-35.44%

The Meadows Casino/$9,854,255/$15,621,862/-36.92%

Mount Airy Casino Resort/$9,220,777/$11,649,678/-20.85%

Rivers Casino Philadelphia/$7,999,419/$14,532,544/-44.96%

Valley Forge Casino Resort/$5,782,493/$8,602,456/-32.78%

Presque Isle Downs and Casino/$5,329,426/$8,629,672/-38.24%

Live! Casino Pittsburgh/$5,168,736/--/n/a

Live! Casino Philadelphia/$2,270,378/--/n/a

Lady Luck Casino Nemacolin/$1,105,172/$2,340,279/-52.78%

Statewide Total/$140,740,379/$190,311,646/-26.05%

Tax revenue from the play of slots machines in January of 2021 was $72,856,608.

Table Games Revenue

Table games revenue for January 2021 was $50,829,571, a decrease of -29.94% from January 2020, when revenue was $72,553,994.

Table games revenue for each of the casinos, with the percentage change reflected over the previous year, is as follows.

Casino/Jan 2021 Table Games Revenue/Jan 2020 Table Games Revenue/% Change

Parx Casino/$13,333,584/$16,487,345/-19.13%

Wind Creek Bethlehem/$8,694,936/$18,271,813/-52.41%

Rivers Casino Philadelphia/$5,781,774/$10,467,045/-44.76%

Rivers Casino Pittsburgh/$4,625,140/$6,974,963/-33.69%

Harrah's Philadelphia/$3,283,503/$4,943,352/-33.58%

Mount Airy Casino Resort/$3,025,350/$3,367,058/-10.15%

Valley Forge Casino Resort/$2,889,863/$2,914,950/-0.86%

The Meadows Casino/$1,980,493/$2,297,310/-13.79%

Hollywood Casino at Penn National/$1,966,368/$2,797,736/-29.72%

Mohegan Sun Pocono/$1,914,541/$2,653,234/-27.84%

Live! Casino Philadelphia/$1,400,260/n/a/n/a

Presque Isle Downs and Casino/$941,169/$1,090,077/-13.66%

Live! Casino Pittsburgh/$874,767/n/a/n/a

Lady Luck Casino Nemacolin/$117,823/$289,111/-59.25%

Statewide Total/$50,829,571/$72,553,994/-29.94%

Total tax revenue from table games play during January 2021 was $8,184,160*.

Internet Casino-Type Gaming (iGaming) Revenue

Casino games offered online generated gross revenue of $80,413,132 during January 2021 compared to $13,957,539 in January 2020. The amount in January also easily eclipsed the previous high revenue month for Internet Casino-Type gaming in December 2020 of $71,609,260.

A breakdown of revenue of casino games offered online is as follows:

Casino Operator/Total Internet Games Revenue/Internet Slots Revenue/Internet Table Games Revenue/Internet Poker Revenue

Hollywood Casino at Penn National/$27,591,016/$16,163,977/$11,427,039

Rivers Casino Philadelphia/$20,990,798/$16,500,089/$4,490,709

Valley Forge Casino Resort/$14,747,594/$6,756,851/$7,990,743

Mount Airy Casino Resort/$6,339,116/$2,243,740/$1,369,776/$2,725,600

Parx Casino/$5,310,225/$4,800,873/$509,352

Mohegan Sun Pocono/$2,788,196/$2,249,265/$538,930

Harrah’s Philadelphia/$1,424,173/$1,180,332/$243,841

Wind Creek Bethlehem/$552,365/$379,794/$172,572

Live! Philadelphia/$487,350/$450,594/$36,756

Presque Isle Downs and Casino/$182,298/$282,426/-$100,128

Statewide Total/$80,413,132/$51,007,942/$26,679,590/$2,725,600

Tax revenue generated from internet gaming play during January 2021 was $32,246,329.

Total iGaming revenue for each of the casinos during January 2021 and January 2020, if applicable, is as follows:

Operator/Jan 2021 iGaming Revenue/Jan 2020 iGaming Revenue/% Change

Hollywood Casino at Penn National/$27,591,016/$2,405,023/1047.22%

Rivers Casino Philadelphia/$20,990,798/$3,549,970/491.30%

Valley Forge Casino Resort/$14,747,594/$2,081,252/608.59%

Mount Airy Casino Resort/$6,339,116/$3,480,095/82.15%

Parx Casino/$5,310,225/$1,644,854/222.84%

Mohegan Sun Pocono/$2,788,196/$786,447/254.53%

Harrah’s Philadelphia/$1,424,173/--/n/a

Wind Creek Bethlehem/$552,365/--/n/a

Live! Casino Philadelphia/$487,350/--/n/a

Presque Isle Downs and Casino/$182,298/$9,898/1741.71%

Statewide Total/$80,413,132/$13,957,539/476.13%

Sports Wagering Revenue

January 2021 total sports wagering handle was $615,294,827 or 12.16% above the December 2020 total of $548,590,065. At the same time, the taxable revenue figure for January 2021 was $33,970,396 or 0.26% below than December 2020 taxable revenue of $34,059,539.

January 2021 sports wagering total handle and revenue is as follows:

Casino Operator/Total Handle/Retail Revenue/Online Revenue/Total Revenue

Valley Forge Casino Resort/$223,307,287/$225,425/$14,293,196/$14,518,621

The Meadows Casino/$145,230,750/$184,046/$7,720,309/$7,904,355

Parx Casino/$28,765,215/$499,811/$1,845,056/$2,344,867

Rivers Pittsburgh/$31,653,273/$804,703/$1,280,033/$2,084,736

Rivers Philadelphia/$27,722,868/$671,485/$1,361,433/$2,032,918

Mount Airy Casino Resort/$27,339,866/$77,282/$1,768,955/$1,846,237

Hollywood Casino at Penn National/$66,535,848/$240,960/$1,067,375/$1,308,335

Presque Isle Downs and Casino/$4,123,074/$556,183/-$81,367/$474,816

Mohegan Sun Pocono/$11,889,856/$59,413/$377,770/$437,183

Hollywood Morgantown/$39,306,952/$0/$414,300/$414,300

Harrah's Philadelphia/$3,364,583/$262,192/$36,506/$298,698

South Philly Race & Sportsbook/$1,995,038/$247,918/$0/$247,918

Live! Philadelphia/$535,373/$116,944/$0/$116,944

Live! Pittsburgh/$465,476/$95,491/$0/$95,491

Mohegan Sun Lehigh Valley/$988,552/-$71,405/$0/-$71,405

Wind Creek Bethlehem/$2,070,815/$60,280/-$143,898/-$83,618

Statewide Total/$615,294,827/$4,030,728/$29,939,668/$33,970,396

Sports wagering revenue for each of the casinos for January 2021 and January 2020, if applicable, is as follows:

Operator/Jan 2021 Sports Wagering Revenue/Jan 2020 Sports Wagering Revenue/% Change

Valley Forge Casino Resort/$14,518,621/$8,087,886/79.51%

The Meadows Casino/$7,904,355/$3,047,162/159.40%

Parx Casino/$2,344,867/$2,916,749/-19.61%

Rivers Pittsburgh/$2,084,736/$2,488,775/-16.23%

Rivers Philadelphia/$2,032,918/$3,338,117/-39.10%

Mount Airy Casino Resort/$1,846,237/$1,372,697/34.50%

Hollywood Casino at Penn National/$1,308,335/$180,249/625.85%

Presque Isle Downs and Casino/$474,816/$326,470/45.44%

Mohegan Sun Pocono/$437,183/$264,581/65.24%

Hollywood Morgantown/$414,300/--/n/a

Harrah's Philadelphia/$298,698/$219,597/36.02%

South Philly Race & Sportsbook/$247,918/$501,515/-50.57%

Live! Philadelphia/$116,944/--/n/a

Live! Pittsburgh/$95,491/--/n/a

Oaks Race & Sportsbook/--/$97,394/n/a

Mohegan Sun Lehigh Valley/-$71,405--/n/a

Wind Creek Bethlehem/-$83,618/--/n/a

Statewide Total/$33,970,396/$22,841,192/48.72%

Tax revenue generated from sports wagering during January 2021 was $12,229,342*.

Video Gaming Terminals

Total adjusted revenue for January 2021 for video gaming terminals (VGTs) was $2,240,782. By the close of January 2021, four VGT Terminal Operators were operating the maximum permitted five machines at 42 truck stop establishments.

Truck Stop VGT adjusted revenue for each of the terminal operators during January 2021 is as follows:

VGTs Terminal Operator/Jan VGTs Wagers/Jan VGTs Payouts/Jan VGTs Gross Revenue

Marquee by Penn/$18,665,486/$16,962,391/$1,703,096

Commonwealth Gaming/$3,336,569/$3,034,000/$302,569

Second State Gaming/$1,523,827/$1,388,012/$135,815


Statewide Total/$24,752,618/$22,511,836/$2,240,782

Tax revenue collected from the play of VGTs in January 2021 was $1,165,207.

Fantasy Contests

Fantasy Contests revenue was $2,908,488 in January 2021, an increase of 40.86% over January 2020, when revenue was $2,064,773.

Fantasy Contests adjusted revenue for each of the operators which had revenue for January 2021 and January 2020 are displayed in the following table:

Fantasy Contests Operator/Jan 2021 Fantasy Revenue/Jan 2020 Fantasy Revenue



Yahoo Fantasy Sports/$56,245/$52,801

Sportshub Technologies/$6,046/$6,438

Fantasy Draft/$0/-$1,125

Boom Fantasy/$0/$62

Statewide Total/$2,908,488/$2,064,773

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