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Online Poker League Opens

30 June 2006

SPALDING, Lincolnshire – (PRESS RELEASE) -- The third season of The Online Poker League opens this weekend with fixtures at for the Pot Limit Omaha and No Limit Holdem leagues. The league structure is such that players will receive points for their finishing position each week and the best 7 weeks out of 13 will be used to determine the winner at the end of the season. The Pot Limit Omaha game is scheduled for Saturday at 2200 BST and the No Limit Holdem is scheduled for Sunday at 2200 BST. The buy ins are $2.20 and $5.50 respectively and $20 has been added to the No Limit Holdem prize pool.

Our current champion bmw608 secured his second successive title last weekend and the challenge will be for old and new players to see if they can break his domination of the league.

The Online Poker League has been going for about 7 months and the idea is that players will have the opportunity to play a game on a weekly basis with the same people each week. This leads to a friendly atmosphere and in fact helps to generate a community spirit. Anyone is free to join and in fact we would actively welcome new members. The league is non profit making so any commissions earned from the numerous affiliate links on the websites will be used to fund further freerolls and events with added prize money.

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