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New IndoPacific Gaming Product for Australian & Asian Casinos – Jackpot Roulette

27 September 2005

SYDNEY, Australia -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- IndoPacific Gaming (IPG), a leading distributor of gaming and casino products for the Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, is pleased to announce that it has secured the distribution rights for the new table game, Jackpot Roulette® in Australasia.

"This new initiative is indicative of our growth and expansion over the past few years. It further consolidates our position as a premier supplier of equipment to the gaming industry in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia," said William Redshaw, CEO of IndoPacific Gaming.

"From a supply perspective, this strategic alliance assists both of us. More importantly, we offer our gaming venues operational and technical expertise, and time critical customer support."

Jackpot Roulette – upgrade, grow revenues

Jackpot Roulette®, developed by Dutch company Twice-a-Company, is a patent pending Progressive Mystery Jackpot system for the table game of Roulette.

The recently introduced technology's claim to fame is that it is "The world's first progressive no coin-in mystery Jackpot on roulette."

In addition to exceptional graphics and sophisticated management software, Jackpot Roulette® offers a means to invigorate a game that was first invented back in 1657, but is still popular today.

Indeed, this combination seems to be the solution for upgrading any Roulette table. With minimal player education required, it also presents a cross-marketing opportunity for both slots and casino games.

The product has been embraced since its first word of mouth introduction around a year ago, with installations in South Africa, Tanzania, Curacao, and upcoming installations in Italy, Hungary and Croatia. According to Dennis Korthouwer MSc., Technical Director of Twice-a-Company (, interest and pending orders have exceeded expectations, requiring the need to appoint regional agents.

Early indications have shown a substantial increase in revenue as a result of Jackpot Roulette ® Installations.

"We are proud and excited to now work with IndoPacific Gaming, who have a major presence in the supply of casino and gaming equipment in Australasia," said Mr Korthouwer.

To participate in the Jackpots, players have to place their bet straight up. They win a prize when their number wins and the Jackpot hits. The patented enlightened dolly detection system will let the Jackpot hit on a by the casino determined random basis.

"We knew our product was great, but did not expect that we would be inundated with inquiries from around the world as a result of our formula to pay additional accumulated prizes for Roulette, the game that everyone knows,", explained Mr Korthouwer from Twice-a-Company.

According to Mr Simon Best, VP Casino Operations for IPG, and a veteran of more than 25 years in the casino industry, the concept is unbelievably simple. Jackpot Roulette® rewards players who bet on a straight up and they do not have to pay for a side bet in order to take part. In particular, he believes that the game will enhance operator profits in the bourgeoning casino area of Macau.

"We received a high level of interest during the Australasian Gaming Expo, from both existing casinos and those expecting to open in the next year. Casino operators mentioned that it would be very easily embraced, as players do not need to learn any new rules."

"This game not only invigorates the game of Roulette, it allows casinos to attract new players. Also, the free prizes and additional spins bring in more revenue for the operator," he said.

The unique system is flexible, and can be adjusted to each venue's operations and marketing or budget mix. For instance, program prizes can include progressive, mystery and fixed money prizes, token prizes, prizes for points, and tournaments. A linked jackpot system is easily available.

IndoPacific Gaming (www., headquartered in Australia,,is a leading distributor of gaming and casino products for the Australian, New Zealand, Asia and Pacific regions. In addition, the company offers additional resources including on-site installation and local operational training support.

Servicing the industry for over1 9 years, IPG provides an extensive range of superior gaming solutions including table games

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