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Napa County Joins Neighbors to Monitor Casino Plans

13 July 2004

NAPA COUNTY, California – As reported by the Napa News: "In hopes of avoiding a legal and environmental showdown over the siting of gambling casinos in Napa County and its environs, the county has teamed up with Solano, Sonoma and Yolo counties to monitor any potential developments.

"Last year, plans to construct a casino and hotel complex near Sears Point were successfully shot down, although it shifted the controversy elsewhere in Sonoma County.

"Napa County Supervisor Mike Rippey said the terminology is shifting from calling the phenomenon 'Indian Gaming' to 'Casino Gambling,' since, 'It has transcended Indian tribes, and Las Vegas casinos are now controlling the whole scene.'

"A meeting is planned for later this month to work on a four-county memorandum of understanding that would forge a North Bay strategy and coalition to monitor activity and to achieve greater political clout if needed.

"…Even though it hasn't yet surfaced as a direct threat to Napa County, there were reports that gaming interests were eyeing a location in Jamieson Canyon…"

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