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Mystic Shuffle keeps them guessing

10 September 2009

Gambling is about taking chances, calculating odds, and knowing when to collect your winnings. If you want a game that is gambling at its purest, head to Bodog Casino and play the "Mystic Shuffle Hi-Lo" game.

"Mystic Shuffle Hi-Lo" is a card game, but doesn't use a playing deck. Instead, there are cards numbered 1-20. Even cards are blue and odd cards are red. To begin the game you are given the choice of picking one of three cards that are face-down. You can change your start card twice but must play the third card.

The game is simple. All you have to do is predict whether the next number drawn will be higher, lower or the same as the previous card. You can also choose to wager on whether the next card drawn will be either red or blue. Payout odds are based on the probability of each selection being correct.

If you're bold enough, and reach 5th, 9th or 14th card, you can choose to shuffle that card up to three times, similar to what you did at the beginning of the game.

"Mystic Shuffle Hi-Lo" is a fun and basic game where the bold can win big, or lose bad. If you're looking for a change from slots or poker, give it chance.

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