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More Signing Up for Singapore Addictions Program

31 May 2004

SINGAPORE – As reported by the Singapore Straits Times: "More people are seeking help voluntarily to rid themselves of their addictions.

"Last year, 1,556 people signed up for counselling in the Community Addictions Management Programme (Camp) at the Institute of Mental Health, 46 per cent more than in 2002.

"…More than half are addicted to alcohol, drugs, medicines and other substances. The rest are mostly hooked on gambling, and a handful are addicted to sex, Internet surfing and shopping.

"Camp counsellors say that they are seeing more patients who switch from one addiction to another over many years.

"Addicts go through a spectrum of feelings - from negatives such as depression, resentment and emptiness to the positive emotions of happiness, satisfaction and pleasure.

"To fill these voids and numb the pain, addicts may start using other substances or engage in some activities to which they easily get addicted…"

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