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More Players Choosing Slots

5 April 2004

CONNECTICUT – As reported by the Norwich Bulletin: "If the odds are against you in most casino games, the odds of your losing money at a new table game are even higher.

"And that may make some gamblers balk at stepping up to a table in favor of a slot machine.

"…Table games have fallen behind slot machines as revenue generators in casinos over the past 20 years, due to the manpower needed for the games and shrinking pool of people who understand them.

"In Atlantic City, there were 1,165 table games and 16,183 slots in 11 casinos in 1984, according to the New Jersey Casino Control Commission. Today, there are 1,383 table games in 12 casinos, but 41,986 slots.

"…Slots usually have outnumbered table games in casinos, but gambling executives began accelerating the addition of slots in the mid-1980s.

"…Tables usually require more manpower to run than slot machines, which makes them less profitable for casinos. And minimum bets are usually high, which can dissuade people from embracing craps the way gamblers embrace 25-cent slot machines.

"…And some games, such as craps, have a diminishing amount of people able to play them.

"…Some casinos have put training tables on its floor, with low or non-existent bets, in order to drum up interest…"

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