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Mecca Bingo puts superstition to the test

28 October 2016

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Mecca Bingo - Glasgow Forge is putting superstition to the test this Halloween by recruiting a pair of black cats to join the club's meet and greet team.

It is hoped the feline friends will bring good fortune to each customer that crosses their path, resulting in extra wins for local bingo fans.

The trial has been launched ahead of National Black Cat Day on 27 October, and also Halloween when superstitious traits are heightened.

The test also follows new survey data from Mecca Bingo, which found the charm Scots believe will bring them the most luck is a black cat. Almost half of the Welsh rely on lucky pennies and wishing on shooting stars, while over 40% of those in the North East look to more traditional rituals such as crossing your fingers and finding a four leaf clover.

Black cats have long had an association with luck and the species is wrapped in superstitions. In the U.K., a black cat crossing a person's path is taken as an omen of good luck. In ancient times the Celts believed that a woman with a black cat would have many suitors, while sailors would seek out a black cat to be a lucky charm for a safe voyage.

Charles I, who of course went on to lose not only his crown but also his head, believed that when his beloved black cat died it was the beginning of his downfall.

Mecca Bingo is keen to put this idea to the test and see if customers are more likely to experience that extra lucky feeling thanks to the new furry four legged team members.

Spokesperson for Mecca Bingo, Caroline Webb, said: "Many Brits have lucky charms, rituals and superstitions when it comes to sports and games, be it a four leaf clover, a precious pair of pants or even a pre-game routine.

"To put one of the U.K.'s most ancient superstitions to the test, we've taken on black cat team members to see if they bring good fortune for customers."

Commenting on their new four legged team members, Mecca Forge manager, Sharon Kennedy, said: "We're very excited about the new additions to our team. It'll be very interesting to see if our customers see a change in their luck thanks to our new four legged furry additions.

"We're hoping it'll give even more of our customers the chance to experience that winning feeling!"

To attend a Mecca Club you do need to be aged 18 years or over and be a customer of Mecca Bingo. Joining is free of charge and you can sign up at the website or at the club.

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