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Mathematicians To Look For Hidden Vulnerabilities

24 January 2005

CALIFORNIA -- As reported by Union-Tribune :: "The state's gambling commission plans to create a laboratory this year to test and certify slot machines. It would be to ensure that they are fair, safe and operate as manufacturers intended.

"The Gambling Control Commission's move is in response to tribal-state gambling compacts signed last year that for the first time offer the state a role in testing the machines.

"The compacts, however, do not require tribes to utilize the state's lab. Instead, tribes could continue to rely on private labs they have used for years.

"Gary Qualset, deputy director of licensing and compliance, said the commission wants to give tribes the option of a state-run facility.

"…Casino regulators around the world, including tribal commissions in California, require slot machine models to be tested.

"In testing labs, mathematicians and engineers try to cheat the machines, looking for hidden codes or other vulnerabilities. They make sure slots register deposits and pay out wins that include jackpots. They also make sure they are safe and protected from static, power shortages or spills.

"… According to the compacts, the commission can randomly inspect slots up to four times a year after notifying tribal commissions. It can inspect more often with a 'reasonable belief of any irregularity.'…"

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