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Many Differences Between Chinese Gamblers and Others

14 February 2006

MACAU -- As reported by Knight Ridder Newspapers: "When tensions mount at the baccarat tables in Macau, gamblers don't reach for a stiff drink. They quaff hot green tea, and instead of cocktail waitresses, some casinos have 'tea boys.'

"That's one of the many differences between gamblers in China and elsewhere. Chinese gamblers love baccarat, a card game in which players bet against a dealer, but they aren't fond of slot machines. Cantonese speakers refer to the slots as 'hungry tigers' that eat you alive.

"...Many Chinese gamers also are willing to bet more of their income, hoping for a big win. Most Chinese attach no stigma to gambling, and instead hold a deeply rooted belief in the pursuit of winning.

"A belief in luck 'leads many to gamble their meager savings in the hope of becoming rich,' the investment bank CLSA said in its 2005

"...Gamblers commonly spend all day and all night at the casinos. ...Rather than go to a hotel, Chinese gamblers often retreat to an all-night sauna for an hour or two of rest, then return to the tables..."

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