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Loyal guest strikes it big at Table Mountain Casino

28 October 2009

FRIANT, California -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- Lori of Clovis has been a loyal guest of Table Mountain Casino for years. She enjoys playing in Friant, CA for one specific reason, "The people that work here!" explained Lori. "Nothing else at the Casino can compare to the people in it!" she continued.

Lori was enjoying her play on a nickel slot machine while using her Player's Club card when a Massive Cash Jackpot HIT! At first thought Lori was sure it was a mistake! However, there was no mistaking her $37,621.27 Massive Cash Random Jackpot payout! Lori WON BIG! After the realization of her win, Lori was asked what she planned to do with the money. She replied, "Spend it on my Kids; pay off a couple of Bills, and Play at Table Mountain Casino!"

Winner Lori of Clovis Knows That Playing with Your Table Mountain Casino Player's Club Card PAYS!

Mega Mountain Jackpots are exclusive rewards for members of Table Mountain Casino's Player's Club. Massive Cash Jackpots and Rapid Bonus Rewards are random reward features that make up Mega Mountain Jackpots! Massive Cash Jackpots are paid in CASH and are guaranteed to hit between $20,000 and $50,000! Rapid Bonus Rewards hit several times an hour and reward the player with FREE BONUS PLAY! Mega Mountain Jackpots can occur on any of Table MountainCasino's 2,000 slot machines, from pennies to high limit! There is no winning combination on the machine necessary and no minimum bet is required to win with Mega Mountain Jackpots! Request your FREE Player's Club Card and use it during your Slot Play! It is as easy as that!

Rapid Bonus is guaranteed to hit several times every HOUR!

Massive Cash is guaranteed to hit between $20,000 and $50,000!

John Mayewski, President & CEO of Table Mountain Casino says, "Congratulations to Lori for becoming our most recent Massive Cash Jackpot Random Winner! She now joins the ranks of countless other Mega Mountain Jackpot WINNERS, with over $4.3 Million in random Rewards and Jackpot payouts awarded to date! And, this is in addition to the hundreds of daily jackpot winners at Table Mountain Casino, making us 'The Place to WIN!' in Central Valley. Our guests and players know where to come for FUN and their chance to WIN!"

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