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Lottery Popular in Indonesia

9 May 2005

INDONESIA – As reported by the Jakarta Post: "With togel (lottery) ticket books in hand, Bambang, 33, prepares to greet three men who, as he can just make out from the window, are regular visitors to his house.

"…Bambang wrote down each pair of numbers and collected the money, but all the while his eyes were fixed on the window.

"Suddenly, his sister, Yanti, 35, rushed into the room, and told Bambang to stash the tickets and money in a secret place.

"…Bambang is one of three togel agents in the neighborhood, which has a population of less than 1,000 people.

"…Gambling takes many forms in the capital and continues to be backed by well-known figures. In fact, former Jakarta governor Ali Sadikin recently renewed his call for its legalization.

"…Despite the ban, and the police's claim that they conduct regular raids to rid the city of gambling, people who enjoy a bet have numerous options open to them in this city of nine million people.

"Togel, dice and card games are more popular among the poor, while wealthier people have a preference for casinos or Mickey Mouse gambling machines. Most of the city's gambling dens are found in West, Central and North Jakarta…"

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