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Kenilworth Presents Plans to PAGCOR

16 February 2006

MINEOLA, New York – (PRESS RELEASE) -- Kenilworth Systems Corporation ("Kenilworth") (OTC Pink Sheets: KENS), the developer of Roulabette(TM) System for playing along from remote locations with live, in- progress casino table games, announced today that it has been asked by the Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation ("PAGCOR"), to present to it a plan to broadcast from the Hyatt Hotel and Casino, Manila, live in-progress casino table games, utilizing Kenilworth's patented Roulabette(TM) technology. The broadcast would be disseminated throughout the industrialized world.

Kenilworth has been asked to propose a revenue sharing plan with PAGCOR, together with an estimate of the net win and advertising revenue (without any cost to PAGCOR). PAGCOR is a Philippines Federal Government Global Corporation. The new Hyatt Hotel Casino is the fourth largest casino in the world, with 128 table games.

PAGCOR, the country's gaming monopoly, has been continually introducing reforms and structural changes which are all meant to entice more foreign players and visitors to its various locations and propel it into a competitive and world class gaming and entertainment company.

As patented, the Roulabette(TM) System can be likened to one's very own casino next door; does not have the costly bricks and mortars for the operation and, more importantly, can be managed to prevent the underage from playing and shut out the compulsive gambler. The key to Roulabette(TM) is the patented microprocessor located in digital satellite and digital cable set top boxes or by an attachment to the viewing television set that manages the fixed odd wagering at the viewing source. It is a one way transmission not requiring going out of the jurisdictions that permit the entertainment and gaming experience.

Roulabette(TM), in cooperation with lotteries, can provide satellite broadcasters an opportunity to offer Internet, telephone and other services, to better compete with cable television providers. Herbert Lindo, Chairman and CEO stated that, "Kenilworth will shift its International business operations to the Philippines and will eventually employ 200 people for a round-the-clock, 24/7 operation." For this purpose, it has made arrangements to acquire a Philippines Corporation, that is already a registered PAGCOR supplier of gaming equipment, as its wholly owned operating vehicle in the country. This move will enable it to shortcut the time required to operate the system when PAGCOR finally agrees to implement it which may be shortly after the presentation. Mr. Lindo stated he has a personal invitation from Mr. Ephraim Genuino, PAGCOR Chairman and CEO to attend the First EurAsian Gaming Summit of Leaders to be held in Manila from February 22-23, 2006.

He further emphasized that an American Musical Production company will supervise the TV camera installations and train Filipino Kenilworth employees in their operation of the cameras and commence filming entertainment segments to attract visitors to the Philippines and to promote the entertainment portion of the content available for television programming. The Company will be one of many companies throughout the broadcast spectrum that will share in the revenue stream generated by Roulabette(TM) from advertising and wagering. Wagering will start at the equivalent US$0.25 per wager.

With the broadcast site in the middle of two thirds of the world's population, in five to seven years, Kenilworth expects the advertising and wagering revenue to be shared with investors, content users and gaming monopolies such as PAGCOR to be well over a billion dollars annually each.

Mr. Lindo also pointed out that the proposed plan requires further approval by PAGCOR's Board of Directors. During the past month, he personally met with most of the members of the Board of Directors and senior officials involved in making major decisions.

PAGCOR annually delivers its net income from the casino operations to further socio-civic development projects.

Unlike casinos in the U.S. which are owned and operated by private or public corporations which are regulated by State Gaming Commissions and must obtain approval from State Legislatures to make changes such as playing along remotely with live table games, PAGCOR is the government gaming monopoly responsible only to its Board of Directors and the Philippine President for its operations, a realistic recognition which should be exciting for our shareholders.

Only last week, Kenilworth received its Russian Patent equivalent to its U.S. patent. With Lottomatica merging with GTech, it simplifies our efforts, throughout Europe using the Hyatt broadcasts with licensed lottery agents managing the cash handling.

The Pacific Rim and Asian markets are now beginning to develop digital satellite and cable broadcasting and any monitoring of our content is easily administrated by governments including the most potentially exciting market, China, since we do not provide news, just fun, games and entertainment.

The Kenilworth team, including Mr. Lindo, will meet with the PAGCOR Research and Development team on February 21, 2006 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Manila after which it will conduct final discussions and negotiations with senior management and the Board of Directors for approval of its proposed supply and partnership agreement with the Philippine gaming and entertainment company.

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