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Just like Heavenly Reels

24 September 2009

Hitting a jackpot on a slot machine can feel like heaven. That heavenly feeling doesn't seem to happen too often. Well, Win A Day Casino has the answers to your prayers with its "Heavenly Reels" slot machine.

"Heavenly Reels" is hybrid of slots and video poker. It's only a four-payline slot. There are two spins for every wager. After checking the results of the first spin, players can hold any or all of the reels on their second spin.

The game is adorned with frolicking cherubs and flying pigs. The slot stands out because it's 3D. For example, after hitting a bonus symbol a cherub flies out and drops coins into the "Treasure Box" bonus fund.

The "Treasure Box" is a special bonus fund that accumulates during game play. Any amount bet on a payline that lands on the "Wild" symbol (a pig with angel wings) is added to the Treasure Box. Players can win the Treasure Box by hitting "Wild" symbols on all four paylines.

"Heavenly Reels" is a good change of pace for slot fans who want more than just generic graphics and game play. Head over to Win A Day Casino and give it a spin.

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