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Indonesian Police Urged to Arrest Gambling Bosses

18 July 2005

INDONESIA – As reported by the Jakarta Post: "Observers are calling on the police to start arresting big-time gamblers and raid suspected big gambling dens in order to make the current anti-gambling drive a success.

"Legal expert at the University of Indonesia Rudy Satrio claimed that all the police had done thus far was arrest small-time street gamblers and confiscate gambling equipment from small gambling dens while letting their bosses walk free.

"…He said that many people had informed police of the existence of big gambling dens and the identity of their owners.

"…National Police chief Gen. Sutanto, who has a track record of being very tough on gambling, last Monday gave a one-week ultimatum to provincial police chiefs to eradicate gambling in their respective areas.

"…City police chief Insp. Gen. Firman Gani quickly ordered his top officers, precinct and sub-precinct chiefs to eradicate gambling in the capital within three days, with the threat that local chiefs who failed to clean up their areas would be relieved of their duties.

"Immediately after Firman's order police began cracking down gambling dens in Jakarta. However, no big gambling dens have been raided and no big-time casino operators have been arrested.

"…Executive director of the Independent Monitoring Alliance on State Apparatus (AMIPKA) David Ridwan Betz said that the police clearly only arrested small-time gamblers as according to their data no big-time operators had been arrested…"

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