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Hexagon Roulette

22 December 2011

Roulette is a fun game that novice and seasoned gamblers can enjoy. William Hill Vegas put an interesting twist on the casino staple with its Hexagon Roulette game.

Hexagon Roulette is a single-number draw game featuring a grid of 37 numbers shaped like the six-sided polygon. The numbers in the game range from 0-36. There is no roulette ball, however. You win by predicting which number the light/spinner will end on.

There are plenty of betting options in this game. Of course, you have traditional roulette wagers, such as betting on a specific number, odd/even, red/black and 1-18/19-36. You can also make an outer bet, which covers all the numbers in the outer ring of the hexagon. Middle bets cover all the numbers in the middle ring. You can bet on hexagon rows and on doubles and trebles. There is an autobet feature and a turbo bet option allows you to play games at an even faster pace.

Hexagon Roulette is a simple game that roulette fans will enjoy, once you get used to not seeing a roulette ball. Head to William Hill Vegas and light it up!

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