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Greyhound Tracks Contribute $84 Million

17 November 2005

MELBOURNE, Florida –- (PRESS RELEASE) -- Forty greyhound racetracks in 13 states* employed nearly 14,000 people and paid more than $84 million in taxes in 2004 and more than $176 million on outside vendors and services according to an annual report released today by the American Greyhound Track Operators Association (AGTOA). The annual payroll of these tracks was more than $162.5 million.

In addition to the economic impact from greyhound racing operations, 14 tracks in the United States offer their patrons other gaming options. In 2004, these additional operations generated $446 million in taxes and employed 1,748 people with a payroll of nearly $29 million.**

This does not include the personnel employed at, nor taxes paid by the kennels that race at the track, nor the economic contributions of approximately 800 greyhound-breeding farms nationwide. It is estimated that these operations invest more than $150 million in land, buildings and equipment, and purchase goods and services representing $96 million each year.

The greyhound industry funds a number of programs designed to care for the welfare of racing greyhounds. The industry spent more than $330,000 on welfare-related programs in 2004. This included:

* A farm inspection program, where inspectors make unannounced visits to breeding farms to verify compliance with the industry's greyhound welfare guidelines;

* Development of a vaccine for Kennel Cough;

* Development of a Web Site, as a central source of accurate and timely information on disease outbreaks;

* Greyhound safety, track surface and maintenance programs;

* Publication of an international greyhound research database;

* Sponsorship of a canine sports medicine symposium to bring together leading veterinarians specializing in greyhounds;

* Development of an educational video on how to safely lead greyhounds to the starting box;

* A brochure on greyhound welfare; and

* An educational program for people who have adopted retired greyhounds.

The industry spent nearly $2 million to fund track-sponsored greyhound adoption programs; provided grants to non-profit adoption programs; funded a toll-free number to facilitate greyhound adoption; provided a trailer to transport greyhounds; and supported and promoted greyhound adoption programs. To date, 92 percent of retired racers found homes as pets.

These tracks and its employees were actively involved in local community non-profit activities. In addition to volunteering their time, these tracks contributed nearly $11 million to hundreds of non-profit organizations.

The Annual Report to the Community was compiled by the AGTOA. Formed in April 1946, the AGTOA is a non-profit corporation comprised of the owners and operators of 44 greyhound tracks located throughout the United States.

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