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Founding of trade association Licensed Dutch Online Gaming Providers

10 September 2021

On September 9, 2021, the trade association Licensed Dutch Online Gaming providers (VNLOK) was founded by five potential online gambling providers. VNLOK is an association for providers of online games of chance with a license from the Netherlands Gaming Authority (Ksa). Helma Lodders is the chairman of VNLOK: “The energy among the members of VNLOK is extremely positive. Together we will do everything we can to really be significant when it comes to proper regulation of the online gambling market and the offering a responsible and safe range of online games of chance.”

The initiators are Holland Casino N.V., FPO Nederland B.V., JOI Gaming Limited, Dutch Lottery B.V. and ZEbetting & Gaming Nederland B.V.. They all have an application for remote gambling license submitted to the Ksa.

VNLOK offers a central point of contact for all online gambling related topics with relevant stakeholders such as ministries, the Ksa and partners in the addiction prevention. The members of VNLOK stand for a safe online gambling market consumers where there is no place for illegal providers. This is in line with the objectives of the gambling policy.

On 1 April 2021, the Remote Gambling Act (Koa Act) came into effect. This law regulates online games of chance in the Netherlands, such as online casino, live sports betting, online bingo and online poker. The aim of the legislation is to protect consumers, the prevention of gambling addiction and the prevention of gambling-related fraud and crime. Online gambling providers must apply for a license from the Ksa before they can legally offer their range of games from October 1, 2021. “As of October 1st 2021 the market for online games of chance will finally be opened and as far as we're concerned there is no place (anymore) for parties that do not have a permit”, says Helma Lodders, chairman of VNLOK. VNLOK sees a license from the Ksa as the central means to ensure safe, fair and responsible gambling participation.

Advertising code Online Gaming (ROK)
The members of VNLOK, together with VAN Kansspelen and an international entrant, have initiated the Advertising Code Online Gaming (ROK). With the ROK, the initiators achieve that advertising for online games of chance leads consumers to a safe, legal and therefore attractive offer of games of chance and keeps them away from illegal ones offer. Advertising should also be reserved, aimed at responsible participation and should not encourage risky gaming behavior that can lead to gambling addiction. To The ROK is expected to come into effect at the end of September 2021 in addition to the existing legal to demand. Together with the other initiators, VNLOK plays an important role in surveillance of the ROK.

Finally, VNLOK hopes to welcome new members soon and invites everyone with a license to work with the members of VNLOK on a reliable and safe possible offer for the Dutch consumer.

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