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First Korean Casino to Rekindle Dying Coalmining Town

17 October 2000

KANGWON-DO, South Korea – Oct. 17, 2000 – As reported by The Korea Times: "…At present, Koreans are not allowed to patronize any of casinos operated by deluxe hotels in Seoul and resort regions like Cheju-do.

"However, left with no alternative for vitalizing the economy, the closed coalmines, which had been the main source of livelihood for tens of thousands of workers, presented an opportunity which prompted the government in 1995 to decide to bend the rules.

"As a result, there sits a lovely little hotel on the top of a hill that is home to the very first casino for Korean clients. The facilities are scheduled to officially open on Oct. 28.

"…What is available now _ a small casino and some 100-odd deluxe rooms _ is naturally only the tip of the iceberg and there is plenty more on the way.

"For one thing, the main casino with its 50 playing tables and 1,100 slot machines, along with a theme park, a condominium, ski slopes and a golf course are well on their way toward completion in the year 2002.

"In addition, there will be an expansion project stretching through the year 2006 which will result in an additional 40 playing tables, 910 slot machines, a larger condominium and more ski slopes.

"…The plan for constructing the casino was developed back in 1995 when thousands of coalminers from Kohan and Sabuk went on a violent strike, demanding that the government protect their livelihood.

"…Having adopted a special law for developing closed coalmines in December 1995, the government proceeded to draw up the massive plan to turn the mining town into a major tourist attraction…"

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