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Female Problem Gamblers Deal with More Issues

18 June 2004

ARIZONA – As reported by the Arizona Republic: "Carol O'Hare walked into her first Gamblers Anonymous meeting and was shocked.

"'I found other women there,' said O'Hare, a recovering gambling addict, about the 1991 meeting

"…O'Hare, along with three other female recovering gambling addicts, spoke Thursday to about 300 people at the 18th-annual Conference on Research, Prevention and Treatment of Problem Gambling at the Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa. They described their struggles with addiction and emphasized that much of the research focuses on men. That is part of the reason O'Hare was so surprised when she saw other women at that first Gamblers Anonymous meeting.

"She and the other panelists said researchers need to examine the problems unique to female addicts.

"…Because women tend to make less money than men in the workforce, it can be more difficult for them to recover from gambling debt, said recovering gambling addict and panelist Judith Niland.

"…Women problem gamblers often try to hide their addiction from spouses, relatives and co-workers, and they also try to hide their recovery, panelists said. Some view women as homemakers or mothers and not as people who would create such a destructive path for themselves. So, the image of a female problem gambler evokes a more shameful image than the traditional romantic view of the male gambler, panelist Marilyn Lancelot said.

"As a result, female gamblers often don't get as much support from their husbands as male problem gamblers get from their wives…"

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