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Circa Sports Million and Circa Survivor are back and bigger

25 May 2023

(PRESS RELEASE) -- It’s that time of year again. After an unprecedented $12 million payout for the 2022-23 season, Circa Sports Million and Circa Survivor both return for another year for an even bigger payout. At a guaranteed $14 million payout between the two contests, no rake, this year’s pro football contests promise the largest payout ever for an exciting 2023-24 NFL season.

Get ready for the Circa Sports Million V, where you’ll have another chance to tackle the big money with a $1 million top prize and quarterly prizes throughout the season. And that’s not all. The Circa Survivor challenge is back for its fourth year as well with an $8 million prize for the last entry standing. Think you’re a pro football expert? These exciting Circa Sports pro football contests will put your skills to the test.

Circa Sports Million V

Circa Sports Million is back! Do you have what it takes to beat last year’s grand-prize-winning score of 59-26-5? We have high hopes for all participants in the Circa Sports Million V contest with 100% playback to players.

For an entry fee of $1000, make five picks against the spread every week as you go head-to-head with the other contestants, competing to win a share of $6 million in total guaranteed cash prizes. Each correct selection awards you one point, while each push will earn you a half point.

Entrants will compete for the $1 million first prize, a coveted Circa Sports blue jacket, and some serious bragging rights. Even if you don’t place first, $3.65 million will be allocated amongst places 2-100 at the end of the season. Additionally, $300,000 of prizes per quarter will be awarded every four to five weeks. Last place can also win! The last place booby prize winner will receive $100,000 and second-to-last place booby prize winner will receive $50,000. No matter where you place, you’ll still receive a Circa Sports Million V hat – a great prize in itself.

With monthly payouts and no rake, this season’s pro football contest is sure to be competitive. Enter the fifth-annual Circa Sports Million and gear up for the 2023 NFL season.

Circa Sports Million Contest Details

- $1,000 to enter, 5 entries per person max
- Make 5 NFL picks against the spread each week
- Get one point for each correct selection and one-half point for each push
- $6 Million Guaranteed in total prizes
- $1 Million first place prize and the coveted blue jacket
- $3.65 Million in cash prizes for places 2-100
- $300,000 per “Quarter” in prizes awarded every 4-5 weeks
- $100,000 last place booby prize / $50,000 second to last place booby prize
- No Rake. Any extra fees go into the quarter and full-season prizes

Circa Survivor

Outsmart. Outpick. Outlast.

NFL 2023. 20 legs. 32 teams. $8 million dollars. The Circa Survivor pro football contest is back for its fourth year, and it’s sure to be an exciting season with an even bigger payout than last year. Do you have what it takes to pick a winner every week and outlast the competition? Get ready to test your luck for the chance to win big.

The contest will last up to 20 weeks starting with Week 1 of the NFL season and include Thanksgiving Day/Black Friday and Christmas as their own contest weeks. Each entry costs $1k, which comes with a Circa Survivor hat and ten entries maximum per person. If you lose on the opening TNF game, you may rebuy up to ten additional entries. For each leg of the contest, you will select one NFL team. Be careful with your selection, as each team can only be selected once per entry during the contest! If you select a team that loses or ties its NFL game during contest weeks 1-20, your entire entry will be eliminated from the contest.

Circa Survivor will continue until a single entry remains. The last remaining entry will win the entire pool with a promised minimum of $8 million dollars and the potential to win even more, since there’s no rake and all entry money goes toward the final prize. If more than one entry remains after all 20 legs are complete, or if all remaining entries are eliminated the same week, the pool will be split equally among all entries that submitted a pick that final week.

Circa Survivor Contest Details

- $1,000 to enter, 10 entries per person max
  • Can rebuy up to ten additional entries until the registration deadline if you lose on the opening TNF game
- Up to 20 picks in 2023: NFL Weeks 1-18, plus Thanksgiving Day/Black Friday and Christmas Day
  • Each NFL team can only be selected once per each entry during the contest
- No Rake! – the last remaining entry wins the entire survivor pool: $8 million guaranteed, plus more if entries exceed $8 Million
  • Entries are eliminated from the contest by selecting a team that subsequently loses or ties its NFL game that week or continues until a single entry remains
- The contest continues until a single entry remains