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China: Anti-Gambling War Forces 84 Casinos to Close

17 January 2005

CHINA -- As reported by Xinhua: "China's anti-gambling campaign has forced 84 casinos and small gambling houses in the neighboring countries out of business in the past two months, reported the Beijing News on Monday.

"The casinos, spread along China's southwestern border with Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam, were forced to close down as their business shrunk dramatically in the wake of an intensified fight against gambling carried out by police in Yunnan province since last December.

"…With the help of its foreign counterparts, police in Yunnan began to hunt the Chinese casino bosses, cut off banking services, and prevent Chinese gamblers from betting abroad.

"China has long banned gambling together with prostitution and drugs, but in recent years a growing number of wealthy Chinese, especially some corrupted officials, are gambling away millions in casinos outside Chinese mainland.

"…Chinese government last week announced it would launch a "relentless fight" against gambling, with one of the focuses on preventing Chinese from squandering in casinos abroad.

"Offices and gambling Web sites set up by foreign companies were shut down…"

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