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Chile: Gambling shooting up

5 August 2009

CHILE -- As reported by El Mercurio: "Chileans are gambling at casinos more often and are spending more money during each visit, according to the latest figures from the Superintendent of Casinos and Gambling (SCJ).

"Between January and July of this year, Chileans spent an average of $28,000 pesos (US$52) per person each time they went to a casino – that's a 13.2 percent increase compared to the same time last year.

"Average spending shot up most noticeably in Chile's three biggest casinos: In Casino Monticello Grand in Mostazal (Region VI) spending increased from US$68 to US$75, in Enjoy Antofagasta (Region II) from US$42 to US$55 and in Marina del Sol in Talcahuano (Region VIII) from US$35 to US$51.

"Gross Revenue earned in casinos during the first half of 2009 increased by a dramatic 78.1 percent from 2008 figures, bringing the industry's total 2009 gains to US$84.8 million..."

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