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Chain Reactors 100

23 September 2010

Are you tired of the same run-of-the-mill casino games and slot machines? Would you like to spice it up a little bit? If so, head to William Hill Games and give "Chain Reactors 100" a shot.

"Chain Reactors 100" isn't a slot machine and it isn't a card game. It's similar to "Bejeweled" in that it's a puzzle game. When you click the "BET" button, the game will begin and symbols will start dropping. To win, you must match six or more consecutive symbols connected either horizontally or vertically. This is known as a "cluster." Different clusters have different payouts depending on what symbol is clustered.

When the symbol drop stops, any wins will be highlighted. Those wins will then disappear, allowing symbols above to fall into the vacant spaces. This can create more wins from a single play. When there are no clusters on the board, the game ends until you bet again.

"Chain Reactors 100" is a fun and easy change of pace for all gamblers. Head to William Hill Games and try your luck.

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