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Casino Workers Can Fight Firings

23 March 2004

CONNECTICUT – As reported by the Norwich Bulletin: ``People have been fired from Foxwoods Resort Casino and Mohegan Sun for everything from threatening colleagues to failing to ring up a bowl of oatmeal, according to tribal court decisions.

``But whatever the matter, employees can appeal terminations at both businesses through internal administrative processes and tribal court.

```We do want to make sure here employees have remedies, even if it's through the judicial system, remedies for all types of claims,' said Marietta Anderson, an in-house counsel for Foxwoods. "Wrongful termination is one of many."

``Outsiders call both processes fair, particularly for the inclusion of peers on the review panels. But the time involved to complete the process -- if an appeal goes to court, it can take from six months to more than a year -- can be discouraging to employees.

``…Both casinos make a review of the decision to terminate integral to the process. Foxwoods gives employees 15 days to request a Board of Review after notification of a termination, while Mohegan Sun provides a five-step process for employees with work-related problems, with a Board of Review coming as step four…"

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