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California casino has baccarat fever

13 September 2010

COMMERCE, California -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- There is a new game in town that is so hot that people are coming from across the ocean to play it in Southern California's premiere hot that the casino can't keep up with the number of players and is having to add tables hot that Commerce Casino is planning tournaments, the first-ever in California.

What is it? It's No Commission EZ Baccarat, a modified version of the game played in the toniest gaming establishments around the world.

Commerce has seen an enormous influx and demand for No Commission EZ Baccarat since the game was introduced just under a year ago and it has been a true phenomenon, with four tables at introduction last October and 24 today, with more tables planned. As a result of the impact of EZ Baccarat on the casino, Commerce has remodeled its California Games section to accommodate the influx. On Sept. 19, the casino will begin offering its first EZ Baccarat tournaments on Sundays at 2 and 6 p.m. with a $200 buy-in, and $25,000 added to the prize pool every week. Commerce will also award another $500 each hour in a drawing for EZ Baccarat players.

"While our poker business has stayed even in this challenging economic time, EZ Baccarat has been an enormous growth area over the past 10 months," says Jeff Harris, Casino Manager. "With it being the number one game in Macao, China, we see that the sky is the limit in growth of this new game. We are attracting a significant number of players from Asia already. Because of the excitement and ease of the game, we can see it growing in the next three to four years only second to poker in game popularity. "

This version of baccarat accelerates the speed of the game by eliminating the 5% commission paid to the "bank" on a winning bank wager, and allows the player to create a side bet that has a 40 to 1 playoff. For example, a player can take a $10 wager on the side and win $400 instantly. There is also another $500 bonus for players who win the 40-1 bet.

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