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California casino bans music at poker tables

26 March 2012

(PRESS RELEASE) -- In a move designed to increase cash play by making daily tournaments less enjoyable, Win-River Casino in Redding California became the first Casino in California to adopt a "punishment/reward" poker room strategy.

The sweeping rules change that completely disallowed any music player, cell phone, ipad or electronic device of any kind in any poker tournament hosted by the casino was a shock to most of the 100+ daily tournament players.

Although barred in tournaments. electronic devices are allowed in cash games. The casino hopes that this allowance will make the cash game experience more enjoyable ( by comparison) for players.

Other rule changes include “no Chopping” which stops the practice of ending tournaments with a prize split by multiple players and a blind structure change that is also designed to increase cash play by elongating the time it takes to win a daily tournament.

With daily tournaments having first place money averaging $500.00 starting at 6pm, many nights the final tourney finishes at 11pm or later.

Brandon Hayward, poker games manager, stated in a meeting with players that the casino does not have to follow state or federal laws regulating tournament and prize payouts like other poker establishments and this attempt to make cash games more profitable will help all players in the end.
Hayward, a former poker dealer and recently legally adopted by a tribe member he went to school with is now overseeing gaming operations and stated that further changes may occur, but “these things take time”

Several players were visibly upset and posted facebook messages saying so:

I'm a good poker player and your structure envokes bad play. So, until the structure changes, and you respect your players decisions to chop as they agree upon, I'M OUT! Good luck to those in the series:)

Granville Davis Wow! i thought focus groups were suppose to help, not be counter productive! LIKE THE " SHARK TANK".... since, " i agree with Jen Abbott".... and because of that "I'M OUT"!!

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