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Bodog puts the fun in Mid-Life Crisis

24 January 2008

The storylines in some slots are difficult to follow. Sure, they have themes like buried treasure or ancient artifacts. But when it comes to setting up why certain symbols trigger bonus rounds, things can seem pretty arbitrary.

That's where Bodog's Mid-Life Crisis separates itself from the pack. With its "70s-porn music" (not that we'd know what that was) and its over-the-tops symbols -- Viagra, hot tubs, sexy women, motorcycles, money, yachts, etc. --, the game captures the essence of the male mid-life crisis. But even better than the symbols are the triggers for the bonus rounds.

When a gold chain, the guy in mid-life crisis and a toupee appear on the screen, the main character appears, wearing the gold chain and hair piece and awards a random number of credits. Sometimes, the main character just winks at you. At other times, he tells the ladies to "watch out" because he's "young again."

The more lucrative bonus round comes into play when the game's three sexy women – a brunette, a blonde and a redhead – appear on the screen together. That combination brings up a bonus screen that gives the player two options – choose a series of symbols for credits or take a swig of "Krazy Al's Miracle Youth Tonic" and earn a random amount of credits.

The pay table for this game is too complicated to replicate here. But you can play up to nine lines at once. That combined with the fun symbols and bonus rounds makes Mid-Life Crisis a fast moving and entertaining game that's definitely worth playing.


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