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Bingo Scratch

9 September 2010

Bingo and scratch cards are two popular niches in the online gambling world. "Bingo Scratch" at Bodog Casino provides the best of both worlds for those looking for a bingo and scratch card fix.

As its name suggests, "Bingo Scratch" is a hybrid of bingo and scratch cards. You begin the game by buying a bingo card. The card is arranged with 25 squares, with the middle one being filled. The middle of the screen shows the winning patterns you are trying to hit.

You then scratch the area on the right to reveal the numbers of 18 drawn balls. As numbers are revealed, the matches are marked on your card. If the matches form any of the winning patterns, you are paid according to the paytable.

There is also an autoscratch feature for those who do not feel like manually scratching, as well as an autoplay feature.

"Bingo Scratch" is a fun and easy game for those who love the simplicity of bingo and scratch cards. Head to Bodog Casino and try your luck.

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