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Betting options make Sic Bo fun

7 February 2008

At first glance, Sic Bo is an intimidating game. There are 50 different bets a player can make based off the simple roll of three dice. But after playing the game for a few minutes, one thing becomes clear -- Sic Bo is a lot less complicated than craps.

Rushmore Casino's Sic Bo table has four "rows" of possible bets. The first row, which pays 1:1, is a single die outcome. What numbers will be rolled? You can bet on a single, or multiple numbers.

The second "row" consists of all possible two-dice combinations, and a winning bet anywhere on this row pays 2:1.

The third "row" has three dice totals, starting with 4 and ending with 17 (3 and 18 are on the fourth row). The payoffs on these bets range from 60:1 (for bets on 4 and/or 17) to 6:1 (for bets on 9, 10, 11 and/or 12).

The fourth "row" is exotic central. Players can bet on whether the three-dice total will be big (11-17) or small (4-10), doubles (10:1 if you guess the right one) and triples (30:1 for any or 180:1 for the correct triple).

And for players who like to keep track of recent rolls, Rushmore does a nice job of displaying them on the table.

With a variety of bets to make on every roll, Sic Bo is a fun, quick-paced game that's easy to learn, and hard to put away.

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