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Betting on Wheels

17 September 2004

BHOPAL, India -- As reported by the (Indida) Central Chronicle: Punters and gamblers innovated a new way to carry out their addiction to betting in the state capital. The concept was borrowed from Indore where the bookies operate the number-game and gambling from Maruti van to avoid frequent police raid. The vehicle turned as mobile betting ground for the punters and gamblers who are provided with the vehicle to carry out the illegal game.

At present 8 vans are involved in the game allegedly operated by bookies in the city. The van keeps moving accommodating outlaws involved in the number-game. The van has opaque glasses to save the illegal operation from the public and police. Most of the punters are allegedly business tycoons from the Chowk area who usually get involved in such illegal games after being released from business liability..."

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