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bet365 Casino's Blackjack Switch

24 April 2008

While having a handle on basic blackjack theory will be a huge help, playing bet365 Casino's "Blackjack Switch" requires the player to make multiple strategic decisions on every single hand.

"Turbo Blackjack" may have been a better name for this creative offshoot of the game. The action is fast and furious, but if you take your time and make the right moves when presented with a situation to improve your odds, this is a game that can be beat. On the other hand, if you play carelessly and don't do everything in your power to increase your risk on investment, your bankroll is sure to be short-lived.

The game begins simple enough. It's you against the dealer, except you are required to play two hands. After your cards and the dealer's cards are dealt, you have the option to flip your two top cards. This is a great way to facilitate golden opportunities to double down or split your hands. After you decide whether or not you want to make the "switch" you then play out each hand under normal blackjack rules, except for the fact that blackjack pays only 1-to-1.

Beware of another interesting modification to the game. The dealer does NOT bust when landing on 22. He doesn't win, but neither do you. It's simply called a push.

As an added twist, there is another betting option called "Super Match" that is offered before each hand. It pays even money for a pair, 5-to-1 for Three of a Kind, 8-to-1 for Two Pairs and 40-to-1 for Four of a Kind.

Before all of you side-bet detractors start telling us that you never play these kinds of "sucker bets," you may want to take notice that your odds of hitting your "Super Match" are increased by the "switch option" that is offered. For instance, if you are dealt a Queen-Three in one hand and a Three-Five in the other, you can "switch" your top cards to create a pair of Threes and, thus, hit your "Super Match" wager.

To reiterate, since you are required to play two hands, it is imperative for the player to take advantage of these types of situations in order to reduce the house's large edge. Play smart and you can bolster your bankroll over time when playing "Blackjack Switch."

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