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bet365 Casino adds Live Hi-Lo

8 September 2015

(PRESS RELEASE) -- bet365 Casino has recently added Live Hi-Lo.

The objective of Live Hi-Lo Gambler is to predict the value of the winning card in comparison to that of the base card. Correctly anticipate the next card drawn by a live dealer and you can win fantastic cash rewards.

Opening times are 14:00 GMT – 01:00 GMT daily.

How To Play:

The round begins when a base card is placed in front of the dealer at the centre of the table.

If you are at a newly opened table or playing after a cancelled game, the dealer will burn three cards, then place the base card on the table. You are then given a limited amount of time to place bets on what you believe the outcome will be.

To place a bet, click on a chip that resembles the value you wish to stake, then click on a position that you believe will be the outcome, for example, jack-ace.

Alternatively, if you decide against placing a bet in the current round you can select the Skip button and save your stake for the next round.

Once you have chosen a position to bet on, every left-click of the mouse on the chip adds another chip of the same value to the stack, while every right-click removes one chip. Once you have finished placing your bets, you will need to hit the Confirm button before the time runs out.

Then, the No More Bets signal will display and the dealer burns three more cards, then will display the fourth card (the result card) face-up in the middle of the table. The results card of the round becomes the base card for the next round.

If you lost the round, the stake is removed from the table; if you win, your stake is adjusted accordingly and moved from the betting position to the stake position. If you don’t want to use your winnings, you can press either the Collect All or Collect Some button; this allows you to collect your returns and transfer them to your account. New bets can then be placed in the next round.

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