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Asian Handicap: Betting on the Net

1 July 2002

U.K. – As reported by the BBC: ``Perhaps it should not be a surprise that professional gamblers are attracted to dot.coms.

``After all, the stakes are high, the returns potentially huge, you need guts to step up and play and if you blink you could miss something vital and lose everything.

``Tony Bloom is one such individual who, by his own admission, has been gambling for over 20 years. He first went into a bookmaker at the age of 15.

``…Now, he has moved on to the internet and is trying to make a success of online gambling, specifically betting on football matches.

``The site he founded is called Premier Bet and takes bets on football matches under a system known as the Asian Handicap and it launched in May this year.

``Anyone putting money on a match typically bets for their chosen team to win, lose or draw.

``Under the Asian handicap system, there are only two outcomes because the chances of the favourite winning are reduced. So in a draw, anyone betting on them effectively loses.

``The handicap takes the form of a number added to or subtracted from the final score of the team you bet on.

``He (Tony Bloom) has all the statistics to hand to help him work out what the handicap should be, but it basically boils down to him watching a huge amount of football and making a judgement based on what he sees.

``…The return that punters get is based broadly on the handicaps and, as in any other form of gambling, you'll get better odds the more risk you take.

"…`Whoever the punters are, Asian handicap is better for them,' said Mr Bloom. "Though, they may not know it yet."

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