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As Gambling Wins Acceptance, Sales Of Home Games Rise

20 December 2004

CONNECTICUT -- As reported by the Day: "All this week, Barbara Wolberg of Newton wrestled with whether to buy her son a Texas Hold 'Em poker set for his 16th birthday, which falls on Christmas Day.

"It's not as though poker is some dark, forbidden secret in the Wolberg household. Her son has played it with friends and on a computer. Yet before she gave her blessing to this next step, Wolberg wanted to think through the ramifications, to study all the cards in her own game of Parental Hold On a Minute.

"...Marie Raftes of Dedham, on the other hand, is fully prepared to comply with a request from her 14-year-old grandson that Texas Hold 'Em be one of the gifts he finds under the Christmas tree. In fact, she's looking forward to playing with him, since he recently taught her how to play the game.

"...Once, gambling carried with it a whiff of vice, of back rooms redolent of cigar smoke, of steely-eyed guys you didn't want to mess with. But it's become harder to view gambling as the devil's handiwork when busloads of cherubic grandmas and grandpas routinely sally forth on day trips to wager at the Foxwoods Resort & Casino or the Mohegan Sun Casino.

"...Inside The Sharper Image store at the Chestnut Hill Mall, a supervisor who gave his name only as Jerry said gambling-related games are "a really hot item" at the moment..."

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