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Are online slots better than online casino games?

15 March 2011

By CM Jones

Traditionally casino games, such as Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack have always been the preserve of big rolling men in casinos, whilst the slot games and video poker were always considered a little silly and just an amusement for the girlfriends and wives of the gambling men. Now, as we’ve moved into a new age of equality in society there are actually more players of slot games than of casino games, with both sexes being pretty equally represented on the reels and thus greater revenues are created. However, are online slots better than online casino games?

With online casino games, you’ve got many variants of the classic green felt table games available to play, such as Power Blackjack and Three Wheel Roulette, however, these are just slight variations on the originals. There is very little new to come to the online casinos in terms of table games, barring a few interesting poker variants (to keep up with the worldwide Texas Hold’Em craze) and card Roulette games. It seems that the table game has failed to truly evolve with the rise of internet technologies.

Slots on the other hand have totally embraced the net. There is now a massive selection of reel games available online with the newest slots, such as Time Machine really getting hold of the possibilities of the new software, in order to offer a whole host of fun bonus games that keep the games fresh and new for quite some time.

If you are a fan of originality then you can play two of the oldest online classics Cleopatra and Rainbow Riches, then if you do tire of a particular casino slot, you can always choose a new theme and find a new game that brings all that excitement rushing straight back. It seems like nearly every week the top internet software platforms are launching a new casino slot, this only enhances the influence that online slot machines are having on the web.

In our book, there is no contest between slots and table games; one is revolving and evolving with the net, the other seems stuck on green felt. We’re not suggesting table games will ever go away, but when it comes to the web, slots are king.

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