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An introduction to scratch cards

14 April 2010

Even if you're new to the world of online casinos, scratch cards are likely one game that you're already familiar with, and might even have played. Outside the online gaming world, scratch cards are not typically found in the casino environment, however, but sold wherever lottery tickets are.

Despite their differing availability online and offline, scratch cards are extremely similar when you play them at online casinos. They're games strictly based on luck, though some individuals might swear that there's a little bit of strategy involved.

Scratch cards come in all sorts of different varieties, but all of them are the same concept. Players scratch one section of the card to reveal a pattern of letters, numbers or symbols, and then they scratch designated areas on the play area to see if they have a winning combination.

Scratch cards are a fun way of testing the odds. Players can try varieties which are in game show themes, like Wheel of Fortune, as well as crosswords and more.

How to Play Scratch Cards

When playing scratch cards at an online casino, here is the basic way that any game progresses regardless of which game a player selects or where they're playing.

1. Place a bet – you can play scratch cards for real money wagers or just for fun, but in either case online casinos require that players submit the amount that they'd like to wager. Using the up and down arrows they can set the amount that they'd like to bet on whether or not they have a winning combination of their scratch cards. Winning in scratch cards isn't always so black and white. It's not necessarily black and white. Players might not hit a jackpot, but they can receive some payout for some matches
2. Get a card – click a button that says something along the lines of "New Card". Some casinos will allow players to click it again and select a new one if they don't get good vibes about the card they're provided
3. Scratch or show card – players who like to replicate playing a real scratch card can manually use their mouse to scratch away the play areas on the card. Otherwise, most casinos do offer a "show card" option or something along those lines that displays everything on the card at once for more instant gratification
4. Understand how winning works – with scratch cards, after players scratch away their number/letter/symbol pattern area of the card, it's compared to what's on the play area of the card. For example, many cards have 5 symbols, and players can win if they have 3 or more. Payouts increase of course, the more matching symbols they have

Scratch cards are a fun and easy casino game to play, they've also become more popular as side games since they don't take much time; many casinos offer them to play while they've got other more laborious games going on at the same time.

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