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An introduction to online slots

14 April 2010

Online slot games are one of the most popular games that players like to check out at online casinos. Many of the games are very similar to those that you'd find in a brick or mortar casino, but they can be played from the comfort of a player's home at any time of day, and with the option to play for real money or for fun.

Slots are any easy game for players to get into, there's little real strategy involved and a whole lot of luck, and they can be a lot of fun for serious or casual play. There are different types of slots and these include classic-style slots, video slots, and multi-line slots. Jackpots with slot games work two different ways. There are regular jackpots which are predetermined, or there are progressive jackpots which change the more players play; so they increase with player's bets until they payout among different casinos who are running the same progressive slot.

When choosing a slots game, players might take most enjoyment out of the classic slots first; these resemble the reel slots that can be found in brick and mortar casinos.

How a Game of Online Slots Works

1. Fund the machine – once a casino account has been funded using an online deposit method, players have the funds to start placing bets on the slot games of their choosing. They have the option to use real money, or if they're playing at a casino that offers fun mode player, they can use the credits provided by the casino. For each slot game, players can select how much to bet per spin, or select to bet the maximum amount accepted by the machine. This can range from pennies to $5.
2. Spin the machine – select the spin button each time to make the reels turn. Players do have the option to change their betting selections at the time of each spin.
3. Let the reels stop – it's the reels on a machine that determine if there will be any payout or winning combination. Basic slot machines have 3-5 reels and winning combinations are determined based on the horizontal combination. With many video slots and other games, vertical and diagonal combinations also apply and these can have between 10-15 lines for winning.

Slot Strategy

Although slots really aren't games based on strategy – luck really comes first. There are a few strategies that can help players to hang onto their money longer and have a better time.
1. Choose a game that meets your budget – players who have a low bankroll should stick to games that are suited to their budget. Playing games of a lower maximum value allow players to play longer, which lengthens the enjoyment that they get from the games
2. Give each slot game a try – some swear by certain machines. Run a set amount of money through one machine, and if there's no payout then if there's no success, players might find it's the right time to move on
3. Always set an overall budget – it's important, every time players sit down to play slots that they have a total budget. Spending should not get out of control, so once that money is gone, the playing stops
4. Walk away even when winning – smart players should keep at least half of their winnings and then can bet the other half of their winnings at the slots, that way they always walk away in the positive

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