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An introduction to online poker

14 April 2010

Casino poker refers to any game played with cards; differentiating between video poker. When playing online, the distinction may not be quite as obvious since there are no physical cards to play with, so consider casino poker the variation played on a table, often against opponents and with a dealer. There are many types of online casino poker, though some are more popular than others. At many casinos, players can find games that vary in difficulty, with some games poker varieties requiring more skill than others. Some games are more commonly found at online casinos, while some of the others players need to seek out at online poker rooms instead.

Popular Types of Online Casino Poker

1. Texas Hold 'Em
This is one variety of online casino poker that has become especially popular. It's the game often portrayed in celebrity and pro tournaments that are aired on TV. It's a slightly simpler game than other types of casino poker, because it uses community cards. With Texas Hold 'Em each player receives their own 2 cards, facedown. The community cards are referred to as the flop for the first 3 cards, and then the next two dealt subsequently are the turn and the river.
Those who want to play Texas Hold 'Em can choose between Limit Texas Hold 'Em where the potential pot of winnings are fixed and there are maximum bets, or No Limit where players can bet as much as they want and this determines the pot.

2. Omaha Poker
Omaha Poker is not so different from Texas Hold 'Em and it's another really popular game with online casinos. The simpler version of Omaha Poker is referred to as Omaha Hi; in this game players receive 4 cards of their own, and have to use 2 of them in combination with the 5 community cards for a hand. Omaha Hi/Low requires that they split their 4 cards to create 2 hands; one that's high and one that's low.
Like Texas Hold 'Em the game comes in Limit or No Limit, though Limit with Omaha seems to be more popular.

3. Seven Card Stud
This is a more classic form of Poker and used to be the most popular before Texas Hold Em started to grow in popularity. It's a game where players have all of their cards in their hand and have the option to discard some of their cards in the hopes of receiving better ones for a stronger hand

Online Casino Poker Strategies

Specific strategies depend upon the type of online casino poker game players are looking to play, but basic strategies that apply to all games include the following
1. Understand the card count – know which values each card in the deck is worth in poker
2. Understand hand rankings – know what makes a strong hand and which cards need to be included in each hand
3. Grasp the basic poker terminology – though when playing online, some additional guidance can be provided

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