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An introduction to Keno

14 April 2010

Keno is a form of lottery game, and it's one of the most popular varieties at an online casino. It's a simple game that's featured on its own or as a side game at many of the big gaming sites. This means that players can spend time playing Keno on its own, or they can have another game on the go and check back in to see if they've won at Keno later on. Since it's a game that you don't need to have active participation in after the initial part, it's an easy game for players to try out while they're in the process of doing other things. Keno is a game based entirely on luck. Like the lottery, players select a certain combination of numbers, and it's the luck of the draw to determine if any of their picks come up. Some players might argue there's some skill involved, and while there might be some strategies that can help your money go a little bit further – unless you can control the numbers, it remains a game of luck! How to Play Online Keno 1. Pick your numbers – depending upon the casino, players can choose anywhere from 1 to a maximum of 40 numbers (thought different casinos have different maximums). Players choose numbers on the Keno ticket 2. Place the bet – with Keno, you don't get to decide directly how much you'd like to bet, at least not on a standard ticket where there is a price pet ticket to play. Players can increase the price should they choose, but multiplying in intervals the same as the base number. However, there are different types of tickets that you can use, meaning different styles of bets that can be placed in online Keno. Essentially, different tickets allow players to play more than one card at the same time. Keno Strategy 1. Pick only 4 to 8 numbers per ticket – this gives players about 30% odds that some of their numbers will come up and can come with a better payout. It's a lower risk bet with a higher chance of winning 2. Luck at the payouts – since bets can be increased on a Keno ticket, players can if they choose use a different strategy to place these bets. The best way to determine how to bet is to take a look at the payout tables that appear with every online Keno game 3. Pick numbers randomly – online casinos use a random number generator to pull the winning numbers in Keno. Meaning, all numbers and combinations have an equal chance of winning. Just for fun, players can pick their lucky numbers and play them time and time again 4. Make the most of your bankroll – since there's little strategy involved in Keno, the best thing to do is place bets in line with your bankroll to make your money go farther and hit reasonable odds. With this combination, players can have more fun with the money they have to play with!

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