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24option introduces new 5-minute option product

17 April 2013

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Have you ever thought it might be nice to go to work and be done 5 minutes later? Well, that is exactly what is being promised by the new short term 5 minute binary options from 24option. These options allow a trader to place a bet on the direction of an asset price in the next 5 minutes and if the option finishes in the money the trader receives up to 75% payout. The short term options were created in response to trader requests for shorter term options.

To begin taking advantage of the short term options simply sign up for an account at In just minutes you could be trading and minutes later you could be looking at immense profits. Trading has never been so easy or so quick.

“We have had many traders tell us that they were interested in trading very short term movements of assets, especially forex, so we responded by creating short term options including the new 5 minute option. Thus far, they have been very well received by our traders,” said Matthew Williamson, a spokeperson for 24option.

While forex is one of the popular assets being traded in these new 5 minute options, they are available for other assets as well. Those who may not want to venture into forex pairings can also investigate trading these 5 minute contracts on the following assets:

- Stock indices such as the Nikkei, S&P 500 and DAX
- Commodities such as oil, coffee and corn
- Precious metals like gold, silver and platinum
- Individual stocks such as Nike, IBM and Citigroup

5 minute options give traders an unprecedented degree of flexibility in the their trading. When trading in the equities, forex and commodities markets it is normal for day traders to spend hours in front of computer screens to generate profits. These short term options do away with the need to dedicate hours of time staring at a computer monitor and allow traders to realize healthy profits on their astute market observations in just minutes.

“While making a profit is the ultimate goal of all traders and market participants, who really wants to spend 12 hours a day staring at a computer screen to do so? Our new 5 minute options have done away with the need to be glued to a computer monitor, instead allowing traders to make their profits and then move on with the business of living their lives,” said Mr. Williamson.

Utilizing 5 minute options is in fact little different from scalping, that is trading market fluctuations over a very short period of time. The major difference is in the potential profits to be gained using binary options. Day trading scalpers are happy to realize as little as 0.5 percent return from each trade, but with the 5 minute options a trader can capture 75 percent returns quickly and easily.

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